Discover the improved version of the MOOC Office 365

MOOC Office 365 Business is a training platform to discover all use and product scenarios of your collaborative solution. A rich content to become more efficient. Use cases and an unlimited access to use correctly Office 365 suite including office automation.

MOOC Office 365 Business

Develop usage for more efficient users

Usage and Product oriented courses
Free web conferences led by an expert
Community dedicated to MOOC users to share their experience
Use cases and video tutorials
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Guidance and training are the key elements to guarantee the right use and the legacy of benefits and use facilities of Office 365.

Benefit from an unlimited and full access to training videos, webconferences and to Yammer

Unrestricted and unlimited access to Office applications training, delivered through web conference by a product expert.

Office 365 - Courses by use case

  • Communicate
  • Share
  • Collaborate
  • Search
  • Produce

Office 365 - Courses by product

  • Outlook
  • Skype
  • Outlook Skype​
Office Productivity
  • OneDrive
  • Office Online
Social Network
  • Yammer : Collaborate
Collaborative Intranet
  • SharePoint​
Project Organisation​​
  • Project​
  • Planner

Office Use

  • What's new​
  • Discover calendar and tasks
Skype Entreprise
  • Introduction to the instant messaging​
What's new in Office​
  • Introduction, product placement
  • What's new in Office 2016
  • Spreadsheet introduction
  • Evaluate quickly your results
  • Create data syntheses easily
  • Introduction to PowerPoint presentations
  • Produce a presentation close to a clip easily
  • Initiation to word processing
  • Ambassador
  • Initiation to SharePoint Online tools​
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